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Eco-friendly & Recycled Innovation

"Step to eco" a name that defines a step that rises towards the eco nation.

Formed in 2019 with an idea & innovation to make eco-friendly products & services reach Customers @ Cheaper prices & with best Quality.

Our Vision

Our Vision to be the Best Shelf Picked brand that sells Everything when people think Eco.

Our Mission 

To empower people & organizations to make a major move towards a sustainable Eco-change in their Day to Day affairs.


To Innovate & sell Durable, Recyclable, Reusable & Bio-degradable eco-friendly products

To make people feel the touch of nature in their homes, Offices & working space with our Interior & landscaping Design services.

To make people get the knowledge of innovative eco-products that can replace a non-eco product.

To make our upcoming generation to understand the importance & assist them grow with Eco-ideas & products that turns our tomorrow's nation a nature safe.

"Eco Today for a better tomorrow"



Everything You Need to be eco-friendly


Design your home & Office nature friendly. Live & work with natural plants & nature nurtured environment. we offer a premium range of eco-home & eco-office interior design services which fits perfect to your budget.

Landscape & gardening

This service offers you a wide range of Landscape & gardening services for your home & office exteriors.

Eco Consulting

This service offered by our professional
helps you decide how much eco-friendly you want to be & how you can transform yourself into eco-you.

Eco Energy

This service lets you select a wide range of Green energy products for your home with Complete package of Installation and maintenance.


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